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Do YOU ever ask yourself…


In a moment… I’m going to show you how you can do just that – faster and easier than you ever imagined it might be.

PLUS, today, you’ll get access to the support and structure you need to step out of your comfort zone and build a much bigger vision for your life – a vision that has the potential to propel you towards the life you’ve always wanted in the shortest possible time.

Imagine a life where you take control of your future, design the perfect career path, uncover new skills and talents you never knew you had and spent your days doing the things you loved the most.

That life could be yours, starting today!

Friends, Family & Fans…

It has been almost 5 years since The Better Man Project began; a journey into personal development that I never thought would have yielded such incredible results;

  • A community of over 100,000 people – listening, sharing and growing together.
  • A thousand plus blog posts – seen by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.
  • Two books published (and more to follow in the future).

It’s been an incredible journey!

And today I’ve reached a place I never imagined I would be.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with and coached many different people in various stages of their lives and careers – all seeking a better, more meaningful life.

Over the course of these past five years my interest in personal development, leadership, success, emotional intelligence and change has led me down a path of study that has brought me to where I find myself…

Today, I’m about to begin a new stage of the journey – pursuing a career as a professional life coach. It’s exciting.

But what’s even more exciting is this;

I’ve made a decision to invite a small number of people to join me on the next part of my journey.

I’ll tell you all about it in a moment…

And outline what it could mean for you if you want to receive my help, guidance and support to make the changes you want to make and start living your life on your own terms.

Does this sound familiar?

  • I had low self-esteem that prevented me from believing I had the potential to set goals and overcome obstacles [living a life that was comfortable but MASSIVELY disappointing]
  • I lacked inner vision and knowledge of my personal power and capabilities – distracting me from being who I am and blocking any potential for personal or professional growth
  • I felt restricted by the choices I’d made previously – trapping me mentally and physically in a place I knew I didn’t belong [and creating resentment in my life that sent me spinning into a cycle of anger, frustration and blame]

When I look back I see that it’s no wonder I couldn’t get the kind of results I wanted in my life and it seemed like I was going to suffer from the same fate forever.

But things changed. My life took on a new path. My future became limitless.

Suddenly, I was able to design and live the life I had always wanted.


Taking those same steps I’ve taken – uncovering your personal power and reaching your potential in life.

  • Developing your mind, body, and soul
  • Realizing your goals
  • Actualizing your ambitions
  • Living your dreams

And the best part is, when this happens you’ll attract new people, new ideas and new opportunities into your world almost effortlessly.

“Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone and Into The Light”

(Are You Kidding Me?)

After years of study and months of research my practice AYKME Life Coaching has finally launched. 

I am also rigorously pursuing certification as an Integral Coach through New Ventures West’s Professional Coaching Course in San Francisco. It’s an exciting opportunity and one which opens up many new doors.

For you – this is what it could mean;

AYKME Life Coaching is designed to empower you with the abilities, skills, and vision to create the life you’ve always dreamed of. We’ll also give you the tools you need to map your journey and move forward in the shortest possible time.

How is AYKME different from other coaching programs and resources?


Instead of looking at only one specific area of your life and offering “quick fixes,” AYKME invests in you as a whole person – seeking to accelerate your personal growth and cultivate your inner power and potential.

We dive deep into your world; examining your social life, daily habits, closest relationships, home and working environment, physical body, spiritual beliefs and every other area of life that plays a part in your success and happiness.

Ultimately, AYKME is about helping you uncover what you are truly capable of and giving you the opportunity to live a life that has everyone who knows you saying the words “Are you kidding me?”

IMPORTANT: Development takes time. In a world of ‘quick fixes’ and ‘simple solutions’ we go deeper and create a sustainable path to personal development and self-actualization.

Through consistent conversations, use of best practices, focus on the right goals and development of the right habits – we begin to unlock our lives and see what we are really capable of. AYKME helps this happen faster and easier than any other program you’ll come across.

“The door is now open” 

Every coaching client can expect my deep commitment to do all that I can to help you achieve the objectives we define for our coaching engagement. 

If you believe you are a good match for my coaching practice and you would like to apply to join the program – this is what I need you to commit to;

  • A willingness to be coached by me [commitment to the program, practice and personal growth].
  • The commitment to complete homework (such as reading, practices, self-reflections) as identified within our coaching sessions.

What I Offer

  1. Emergency Email Coaching
  2. 1 on 1 Skype / Phone Coaching
  3. 2 Skye / Phone Coaching Sessions + Custom Development Plan
  4. 3 Month Coaching Programs
  5. 6 Month Coaching Programs

If you are ready to take the leap and jump out of your comfort zone, email me today at to sign up for a free 15 minute coaching call to discuss options, or head on over to the store to sign up for different coaching programs and read up on what each one offers.

It’s happening! I’m helping people create real change in their lives…

Would you benefit from the opportunity to work with a coach?

If so, comment below, email me, or go straight to the online store and get started!

Maybe you’re not quite ready for the journey but know someone who is?

I would appreciate your support in helping me identify clients.

Either contact me directly or share my contact information with your respective referrals. It’s that simple!

What happens next?

Once I have identified potential clients, I will have a brief conversation with each of them to make sure that there is a good coaching match. Then the coaching engagement will begin!

Thank you for your support!

Evan Sanders