if your dreams don't scare you big dreams
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If your big dreams don’t scare you, well, they aren’t big enough.

But it goes beyond just being scared. There are times when you are going to be paralyzed in fear. You’ll feel the immensity of the dream weighing down on your shoulders. Dreams are dense. They are incredibly heavy at times. They have substantial weight to them. But they also have an incredible lightness about them if you really give them a chance.

You see, most people try to go after their dreams a few times, and when they fail, they give up completely. The amount of sacrifice, pain, and anguish it takes to constantly go after something that you’ve imagined in your mind is enormous. Big dreams will test your character. If you aren’t the person you need to be to see the dream through, dreams will effectively teach you those lessons through failure and ripping the rug out from underneath you. They have minds of their own and they can be your greatest teachers.

What can we possibly do when that fear comes?

Do we really have to do anything? Instead of building walls, running from it, or trying to fix it…can we just sit with it and really feel that fear? When you stop running from your fears and you invite them into your life, a relationship develops. What if, when fear, doubt and worry show up in your life, instead of building walls to lock them out you start building relationships with these emotions. Start understanding them, listening to them, feeling into them – just as you do with people in your life. Over time, you could start developing deep relationships with these emotions and they can eventually become just as vulnerable with you as you are with them. Then, out of your greatest fears, you could build the foundations of your life with rebar from the positive and the negative.

How powerful would that be…to be able to create an unshakeable foundation built upon your greatest fears and your big dreams? You would never run again. In fact, you would stand strong through any storm because you are built from something that roots itself thousands of feet deep down into the ground and extends miles into the sky as well.

So if your big dreams scare you…good. But when that fear arrives, don’t run from it. No, use it. Melt it down and cast foundations with it. Court it. Create a relationship with it. There’s great power in fear, but you have to be willing to tap into it.

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