Don’t Be Afraid To Look Bad

You see, when you are trying to look good all of the time or you are really afraid of looking bad, you are up on this stage and putting on this show. You end up trying to convince everyone around you that everything in your life is perfect.

Where can we find the biggest offenders of this?

Social Media!

Everyone puts there best foot forward. It’s so funny when you know people personally and you look through their Instagram or Facebook and go…”I know your life isn’t that good and I really know what’s going on”

Things ain’t all peachy like you pretend they are.

What I like doing with my social is giving people some context to what’s actually going on in my life that may not necessarily be positive. I struggle with things, I go through things every single day where I’m trying to work through them and I like posting about them and telling everyone about them because it gives you a real sense of what life is actually about.

See what happens when you actually start digging into peoples profiles and things like that you end up going, “My god this person has this perfect life…how come my life isn’t like that?”

You can eventually get caught up in this world of “It has to look good all the time or it can’t look bad.” It’s okay to look bad. It’s okay to fall down. It’s okay to make mistakes. You have amazing people around you who are there to support you through your failures.

Don’t be afraid to look bad.

In fact, looking bad comes with the territory. If you are really taking big risks in life and you are really going for it, you are going to fall flat on your face a few times and that’s just the inevitable fact of making good efforts.

You aren’t going to be able to avoid it. You aren’t going to be perfect all the time. If you are trying to be perfect all the time, how exhausting is that really? You feel like you always have to be on stage and trying to impress everyone. You always end up worrying about what other people are thinking about you.

Find your purpose, find your passion, and go out and do your thing. 

If you look bad, fine. If you look good, great! But don’t always try to avoid the things that may cause you to look bad. Because when you do this you end up being this fake inauthentic person who has no inner compass to direct you to where you need to go. Also, the people around you end up going….”Gross…”

If you do this, you end up being more alone than you are being connected to others.

When you look bad and you can actually admit your mistakes and your faults in life, it gives people another connection to you. Everyone is going through a struggle and everyone is looking for a real connection. Having the ability to talk about your failures and what you aren’t good at gives you the ability to connect with other people.

So don’t be afraid to look bad.

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