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Fearlessly love. When you fearlessly love others, you don’t worry about losing them. I know that everything will end one day, which helps me stay open, but it also allows me to express things, say things, and do things that many might think are “risky.” What’s made me a better man than who I once was? I’m not afraid to take a stand for you being great when you can’t see it.

I’m not afraid to say something to you – out of love – that you might not want to hear…but you know you need to hear it. I’m not afraid to lose you…will I miss you? Yes. Will I think about you? Yes. Will I reminisce. Yes. But there’s no fear there. There’s no fear.

It’s time to free yourself from your past, get present, and start building the life of your dreams. Build yourself a brand new story. Take action now and email me: aykmecoaching@gmail.com