gym therapy
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Shadow work – the diving into those parts of you that you would rather not think about – unresolved situations, pain, regret, suffering, fear. It’s one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. But if you come to these things with compassion, you will not end your pains, but they will shift into something much more loving. If we spiritually bypass the pain by just trying to rise above it or think happy thoughts, we set ourselves up for disaster. The foundation will crumble every time. Even worse, we lie to ourselves. I am struggling today, big time, and I brought it all into the gym, a place that has been a sanctuary for me for years, and left it all in the weights. But I suffered this morning, badly…but I didn’t run. Don’t fear your pain…embrace it. If you want the treasure of light and depth, you must face the dragon.

For me, this is the greatest therapy – gym therapy

– The Words Of Encouragement

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