When you can shift the focus from on yourself to another person, your entire world changes. How do I know? This is a personal video blog about a massive change that I made in my life that literally transformed my entire world. When I focused on making (authentically) people feel like they really really matter and that they were important to me, friends and amazing confidants starting flooding in life crazy.

That’s something that I always wished for myself…and then I got it.

Dive into this video blog because it really could shift things for you as well.


Email Coaching
Stuck? Have a mess on your hands? Need some direction?

Perhaps, there are just a couple of small adjustments you need to make to turn into an A-Team competitor. Maybe you could be right at the tipping point – ready to turn your life around and start reaching all your goals – with just a few little things needed to turn you into one of life’s success stories and some simple guidance could be the key to YOUR success. Sometimes all you need is a clear path – personal to your journey – to propel you towards the finish line in the shortest possible time. Whatever your roadblock might be, I’ll take a close look at your situation and we’ll find a way through. Book Email Coaching Here http://btrman.me/1Hy8ZOk

1 on 1 Phone Or Skype Coaching
Sometimes, you need some help finding a solution. Sometimes, you need more than email support to look at YOUR situation. Sometimes, you need to offload your ‘problem’ and let someone else offer you a different path of travel.

That’s why I offer a handful of personalized coaching sessions delivered face-to-face – either by phone, Face Time or via Skype – to help you move forward quickly. These sessions are for people who are stuck on the side of the road of life and need a new plan or a boost to get going in the right direction, whatever direction that might be. So don’t sit around wondering if someone is going to come along and make a decision for you. Take control. Book your call with me today and let’s find the solution you need. Book 1 on 1 Phone or Skype Coaching Here http://btrman.me/1Hy93h1

Two Wolves E-Book
I wrote Two Wolves as a tribute to the greatest lessons I have learned over the past 5 years of writing. Honestly though…it’s far more than that. It’s a deep dive into discovering how both light and dark can exist at the same time. The book seeks to explore questions of happiness, sadness, success, failure, and many other topics, including ones that most are too uncomfortable to talk about. This story, a journey about becoming who you are and taking control of your path, has been an amazing one to write and reflect on. And with over 1,300 downloads…those who have read it have something to say about it as well…(read on for more) Purchase Two Wolves Here http://btrman.me/1CKn7oE

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Evan Sanders: AYKME Life Coaching