You were born to be a lightning storm of outrageous and beautiful energy in a world full of scared and timid souls. And because of your fearless willingness to strike at will…you will light roaring fires in people’s souls…forever changing the course of their lives. ⚡️⚡️

Be your own man. Be your own woman. Answer to nothing or no one but to the deepest whispers of your hearts desires and the paths given to you by the heavens above. You will never be led astray. ⛵️🌊

Ain’t nobody got time foh dat’

Once again, into the forest. Another vision revealing itself in the late night. Another dream seen while awake. Compelling and full of thrills…begging to be taken. I’ve started walking the path ⛵️🌊🗻

A dark side. Stubborn, impatient, often abandoning sleep for walks in the dead of night. Stricken by insomnia. An urge to pack everything up, sell it all, and roam the edges of the earth. Bleeding out ink onto pages. Craving adventure but in the other hand a insatiable thirst for danger. A love for fire and ashes. A endless love for the moon. A dark side. A side he came to adore. Never losing himself…but feeling those thicker slower moving colors once again. Then tell me you love me for it…

Every single day :) cover people in that magic! It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S. but every damn day should be a day of living in gratitude and appreciation for everything in your life. But since we’re in the spirit, smother someone in love that you care about today. Tell them exactly how you feel about them and why. The why…that will make that relationship bloom. If you know how to love other people, you will never run out of people loving you right back.

I’m not gonna lie, some days you are going to be like…”what the fu*k is going on?!” Both in good ways and totally unexpected ways. Cherish those days. Why?! Because when you’re living in the land of “what the fu*k” that means you are totally living in the now. You haven’t tried to predict what will happen, calculate, manipulate, or fashion your future. You’re right here and right now. And living that way…is damn fun. #knockyoursocksoff


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