Richard Branson owns around 400 companies. He is one of those guys who seem to mix business with pleasure – without even trying.

What you may not know, is how his most well-known business – Virgin Airways – came about…

Can I share the story with you?


Branson was in his mid-twenties when he set up Virgin Airways.

He had already launched a number of successful business ventures under the Virgin brand at that time. Even so, he was still largely unknown and by no means the financial success that he is today.

He was at an airport, on route to meet a young lady in The Virgin Islands for a few days rest and relaxation, when his flight was cancelled, late in the day.

Now most people would have given up and gone home at that stage…

…or perhaps waited at the airport for a day or two – until they could get a flight back out to their destination.

Either way, they wouldn’t have had much fun.

That’s NOT what Richard Branson did.

He chartered a private plane.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

What does this have to do with me?

The answer is a lot, actually.

Because it’s what Branson did next that matters.

You see, he couldn’t really afford the private plane.

So he took a small blackboard, wrote “Virgin Airlines. $29” on it, went across to a group of people who had also been on the cancelled flight and sold them all seats on the chartered plane – using their money to pay for the plane and ensuring he made his way to the islands to meet his young lady.

The rest as they say is history.

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