Beyond happy + borderline having too much fun ⚡️+ seeing dreams come true + 24 days until a vision I’ve had since 11 years old comes to fruition + supported by a team of incredible people + feeling the love from everyone here. Simply put, it’s a fuck yes life…something I always wanted. Well kid, here it is. 🙏🏻


There are things in this life that the heart knows but the mind could never understand. You can spend your entire life talking yourself out of things, but sometimes the heart knows the one reason why it will all work. When you get that feeling, let it smother you, fill up your veins, give you goosebumps and send you diving into its world. You may not understand now, but one day, you will. ⚡️🔥

You have so much you’re capable of you have no idea. #believe

Let things surprises you…it’s always better leaving it up to “what’s meant to be.” ⚡️

p o r t a l s /// ⚡️

He will never ask you to be anything but who you are. You’re imperfectly perfect to him. He will see you as a wonderful mystery, something to be learned about and explored all over again every single time you see each other. And when your ocean rages he’ll stand there firm as a rock – never moving, budging or failing in purpose no matter the test or trial. You’ll never doubt his being there. You’ll never doubt his resolve. He’ll be his own man and let you be your own woman. He knows how to let you be free. He let’s you fly, not because he doesn’t want to be there, but he knows how important it is to feel the wind beneath your wings. He knows the pains of old you feel. He knows there are scars and wounds that you’re worried about him seeing. But he already sees. He already knows. And he loves every last drop of it. ⚡️


f e a r l e s s l y 🔥


It was only when that young boy learned to trust what was inside him – the words he could write and speak into others hearts – the way he could be around someone and calm their soul – the way he could brand his love onto others in a way they would never forget – and finally believe in that lightning he had stored inside – that he became a man. And when he grew into that…he knew he could become anything.

It’s like diving off a cliff into a pitch black cave with plenty of water below. But once you jump, everything changes. You end up seeing this light…but what others just see as “a light” you end up realizing that this light is you. You’ve still jumped, but it’s a whole lot more fun when you know that you have everything you need to illuminate this place. 

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Inside is good for them because of some fear of old or the fear of missing out. I see a lot of good things go bad because of fear in general. I guess if there’s one thing that I can for certain tell you is to never live in a way that you’ll end up regretting not doing what you know you should have. Always go for it. Always give it your best shot. If it works out, it could be the greatest adventure ever ⛵️


I just started running. I ran straight into the dark. I ran as hard as I could. I ran until my legs couldn’t move. I’ll never know if I was running to something or away from something. But I ran until my heart ached. I ran for you tonight B. I ran because I was cracking under pressure today and you wrote me that letter telling me I saved your life.

So tonight I ran into the dark for you, because today I wanted to quit…and you told me that because I didn’t ever quit you’re still here. So I suffered through today, for you. I walked today when I felt I couldn’t. I put all of my doubts, pains, and worries away for you. Today, was for you. You changed my life with that letter. I’ll never forget.

Your choice. It can be the same thing every single day, same story, same feeling of being stuck, same BS, same unresolved issues, same fears controlling you, same feeling of just pulling it together to make it one day at a time. Or, you can light all of that on 🔥 and build something new. You can bring light into those dark spaces, be vulnerable, tell others what your heart is begging you to say, acknowledge your fears and take them for a ride on the courage train, walk with faith, trust others, change your body, change your mind…and let your soul bloom. 🌺



Those brick walls teach you something. They show you just how bad you really want something. They teach you how to see things in different ways, patience, purpose…the works. But damnit those walls can be tough to deal with. But hey…if you’re going to stand in the kitchen…you better be willing to take the heat. 🔥

Isn’t that the point? Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? To get swept away out there? Your mind might be raging with doubt and worry, but your heart whispers the real wisdom. It tells you that despite being scared to death, you know that it’s the right thing to do. It’s ok to not know how it’s all going to pan out. It’s ok to not know what’s right around the corner. That’s completely fine. We all are faced with those moments.

But to step into the greatest adventure of your life, that’s going to take some faith. You’ll never be completely ready for it…but when you take those first steps, you’ve changed course for a land where your dreams become your life and everything those whispers tell you that it’s possible become real. ⛵️🌊

“The women whom I love and admire for their strength and grace did not get that way because shit worked out. They got that way because shit went wrong, and they handled it. They handled it in a thousand different ways on a thousand different days, but they handled it. Those women are my superheroes.” Elizabeth Gilbert ⚡️🌊🗻

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