Someone who fearlessly loves everyone and everything in his life

Be kind…especially to yourself. Don’t forget that in order to really take care of others you have to take care of yourself

I’m standing out here tonight looking across the entire Bay in a much different place than I was this morning. Tonight, I want to tell you something that changed my life…and maybe it will spark some magic in yours.

You have this intense, fiery, lightning-esque love in you that could set an entire forest aflame with. It’s so powerful it could shape everything around you and it could heal even the deepest wounds of anyone, including yourself. But you have to let it out. You have to let it be. When you do, you couldn’t imagine the things that it’s capable of.

I spent a lot of my life living in fear, and I still work with that fear every day. But there’s something about these Bay lights tonight that brought this out in me. Be fearless. Take chances. Find the one reason why it will work and run on faith. It could be the greatest adventure of your life. That’s where that magic is. That’s where the good stuff lives. ⚡️


Oh but my darling, what if you fly?


There are these moments, moments that when you’re in them, you feel how special they are. Moments that brand themselves onto your heart and into your mind. Moments that could make you smile lifetimes over and again. How lucky am I? I feel like I’m the luckiest man on earth.

In true form and like clockwork with my life, everything happens all at once or nothing happens at all. This time, everything that was building for a while, all that energy…clicked. 

Those “shifts” I’ve been talking about made their final moves and there I was looking at all of it knowing it was time to hang up the phone and finally do what I’ve been feeling is the right thing to do. 

Am I moving into more uncertainty? Yes. Do I have it all mapped out? Nope. But do I trust myself – now more than ever. I know, with that, I can do anything. No matter the challenge, dungeon, dragon or giant…I can fight and go after everything I know is waiting for me. 

Who knows exactly where this is all going to take me. I don’t know what or how, but I know the man I’m going to be when I get there. Fiercely loving with passion in his eyes that could cut through diamonds. 

And after all, what’s the point of going on adventures if you know exactly what’s going to happen? ⚡️🗻🔥🌊💎

All I knew is that I was answering a call to step in front of a microphone and record my journey. I knew it was a stepping stone to eventually being able to stand in front of thousands and speak. But what I didn’t know is what would happen to me when I started reading the written pieces of my life out loud. 

Today I broke new ground but I was also rocked to my core. I struggled through reading some of the first things I ever wrote. 

But it felt so right. I felt at home. I closed my eyes and saw that stage and I know it’s only a matter of time. Until then, I’ll be throwing myself into those written words. Just a young man chasing dreams.

I will never say there’s no fear in this heart. To live without fear is to live without one of the most fundamental aspects of life. If you have no fear, you cannot love in a way that changes people down to their core. There’s plenty of fear in this heart…but that gives me more courage than you could imagine. The choice is yours. Guts over fear.

I’m just a young man chasing dreams, putting my heart on the line, and allowing myself to be truly seen. No special potion or secret…just some ⚡️in this soul. This kid is doubling down on happiness right now. #filthyrich


It took me 5 years and it all came together today. 5 years. What I had lost touch with finally uncovered itself and rocked me to my core. That last little chunk of belief that was gone for so long showed up as a gift and it fit perfectly right where it belonged. 

I am the captain of this ship. I know what I’m up to. I know why I’m here. I know who I am. I know what I’ve set out to do in this world.

I’m not going to tell you, because I want to show you. I want you to see it when it’s done. Who knows how much longer it will take, but we will land on the shores somewhere in the future. 
Focus on your dreams. Don’t be distracted by things that rip and tear at your attention. Know your course and heading and adjust along the way…but keep your faith. Keep your head and heart strong. Create something the world has never seen. I’m saying goodbye…and allowing for new hellos

Brand your love onto other people’s hearts in such a way that they will never be able to forget that feeling. Unconditional.


I’m reaching a point in all of these travels that I can start to see dots connect…and honestly, I am so happy to be surrounded by all of these amazing people. I feel supported. I feel encouraged. I feel loved. And all of that allows me to pour it out even more. This hasn’t always been an easy ride, but with the people who have been there and who are here, I can love every last minute of it. ⚡️

The amount of ocean, ship, captain and adventure references that have occurred in my life this past week is absolutely nuts lol. Well…oh captain my captain! We press on! 🌊⛵️

I think I’m averaging several “what the f**ks?!” and “holy sh*ts!” per day. Must be doing something right.