& never ever ever settle ⚡️

‘But words are so powerful’…oh but my darling I’d rather you watch what I do 🔥

It took me losing myself. Wandering away from who I was. Going through the black and the thick of it to really understand what I have over the past 5 years. I learned the importance of love through being in some of the most unloving situations. I learned about never quitting on myself after I truly did once. I learned what passion is all about after having no purpose. I learned all of the greatest lessons of my life by being open to going through hell and high water – even if I had to be dragged. 

You might be stuck, you might be in a mess, you might want something more for yourself and I can tell you…that’s all possible. Those dreams you have for yourself – they are yours to make happen. You have these talents, these skills, and these traits that can bring them to life. But without the skills, the tools, and the support a lot is going to be left up to pure chance…and I know for my life I don’t want that. 

Reach out to people who can support you. Invest in yourself and in your life. Get uncomfortable so you can grow. Take a leap. Take a chance. If you don’t start now, you may never begin. & if you’re looking for someone to help you build that new life, with a program that will help you create a completely new story for yourself…that’s me. I’ve seen peoples lives change before my eyes and it’ goes beyond a job…this is a dream for me. Every single day supporting people in the building of theres. So if you’re curious, email me aykmecoaching@gmail.com 

Time to live your dream. ⚡️🔥🙌🏻


f e a r l e s s l y ⚡️⚡️


I want you to endure. Struggle through it. Don’t quit. Fail and fail and fail and fail again. Then fail some more. You’re eliminating ways that don’t work. You’re getting closer to something that will click.

Keep playing. Stay on the field. One day you will break into the open and there will no stopping you. But you have to battle through this. No quitting. No feeling sorry for yourself. The pressure is a privilege. You have the choice…diamonds…or coal. Up to you. 💎

Dream big 🌊

No coincidences…

A new story could change everything. You could write whatever you wanted, live in the way you please and chase dreams like a madman chasing happiness. You could attempt the “impossible,” change the game, and be remembered for ages. 

But you have to step out of the old one and into a new one. Have to let the old stuff go, or at least begin to start healing it all. Because if you don’t…same old story time and time again. 

5 years…and things are heating up. 5 years to build wings and I’m about to use them. That cliff is approaching ever closer as the days go by. But I’m ready. This is my one shot. 

Never hold back. #goodmorning

I want you to get swept away out there… Today rocked me. Today knocked me down to my knees in the morning and I got back up in the afternoon. Today was a disaster at parts and there was some magic in others. Today I seemed to forget how deeply loved I am and some people reminded me just how much I am. Today was many things, but I definitely lived.

Not every day is going to be cakes and rainbows. You’re gonna get your ass kicked some days and those days are pretty humbling. Some days you’re going to forget how much you matter. Some days you’re going to doubt everything you can think of. Some days you’ll significantly doubt all of this uncertainty. Those days will happen. But when you’re dealt those cards, flip em. Get back on your feet, dust yourself off and charge on. 

Because if you stay open, you never know what might happen.

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