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I found this amazing quote the other night that really struck me… “The greater the emotional intensity, the greater the simplicity.” (Alan Hovhaness)

So, reveal everything there is to know about yourself. Vulnerability is a scary thing. Having hard conversations is a scary thing. True unrestricted emotions simply flow out for what they are without attaching any gate to them…and truthfully I think that’s a gift. I think things like love, passion, and presence in their purest forms are pretty vibrant and strong. I spent a lot of time holding things back, and for me it feels like I am driving with the emergency brake on. I was scared that the fire raging inside full of deep love and compassion would continue to put me at risk of having my heart broken.

That story lasted for a long time, and that heart broke many times because I tried to protect those things instead of just putting them all out there. I’m never going back. No gate. No dam. No valve. I’ve tried it, it feels wrong…it feels off. Here I am world. Judge me if you need to – but I know who I am.

– The Words Of Encouragement

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