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One day, I will walk out onto that stage and hear the audience roar…tens of thousands…a dream I’ve had since I was little that gives me goosebumps even thinking about it. I’m practicing now with all my heart, so when that moment happens, I will open and give absolutely everything I’ve got.

Every ounce of passion, every drop of fearlessness and love will go into this…and it will help set people’s hearts free. I’m doing this so other people can make it. I’ve given up making it. I want to be putting content out there until the day I die. Why? Because I found something worth dying for…and I really do want to live for it.

I’ve found something that resonates so deeply with me that there’s no other option. So…I really can’t waste any time procrastinating. It’s time to see what I can truly make out of this year.

– The Words Of Encouragement

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