2016 is your year.

It’s time to dive into a fully personalized coaching program built specifically for you and catered to what you are trying to create in this world. Make this year the best year of your life. Take it from those who have already gone through it…

“I am trusting in my gut and going with it. Now everything is coming together. I’m in an all out sprint without even having to work. I don’t have to force anything or push for anything to get to the next spot…everything is just coming to me. Everything is coming along. It’s all just happening. It feels really good. This is the best I have ever felt with where I am, who I am and being me.” – Michelle B.

“When I heard about his life coaching, I was immediately interested. The first time I talked to Evan on the phone, it was like talking to a lifetime friend. I was able to be honest and open with no holding back. We had a couple of great conversations then he presented my new story to me. I was completely blown away. It brought me to tears how much he “got me” and really heard me. Evan has this insane ability to listen to you pour your heart out (in my case) and then put into his own words how he interpreted it. He presented this story to me that described exactly who I am and what I’m wanting to change and gave me a new story that made me want to work my ass off for it because it’s so awesome! And he isn’t just summing up what you say. He really listens to what you’re saying and hears things that you didn’t even realize you said or mentioned. I have gotten so much more than I ever expected from this and it just started! I can’t wait to see what is to come and the progress I make through this journey!” – Amanda S.

“Working with Evan has been an experience that is quite different than any type of coaching I have had before. Evan has stood by my side encouraging a shift in consciousness. A shift that has been revitalizing. Frequently encouraging me to pause, appreciate, and draw from an abundance within.” – Jonathan D. 

You’re driven by a vision.

Whatever that vision may be for yourself, deep down you know it’s possible. You’re driven to see your dreams through, accomplish your goals, contribute to this world and achieve as much as you can. There’s something inside of you that lights up when you speak about your passions.

That’s what’s waiting to be released.

But how?

Time and time again you’ve attempted to step into that story – the dream – and find yourself falling back into old habits, being “stuck,” unmotivated, or unsure about which way to go. This can make you incredibly frustrated because you can see your potential but are not really anywhere close to living in that story every single day.

In the end, this makes you constantly as the question “Why isn’t any of this working? What’s wrong with me? Am I good enough? Do I have what it takes?” In fact, the voice of that internal critic runs away with your mind and drives the stake of frustration even further.

Don’t worry – this doesn’t have to be the story you live in forever.

There are other ways to live life, you just need some support and help.

And that’s exactly what you’re going to learn about today.

So let’s begin.

You have everything you need to step into that dream of yours, but need some help unlocking all of that from fears, doubts, worries, and the inner critic constantly telling you that it’s not actually possible.

What if you could unlock your greatest potential and step into a brand new story?

Take a second to think about that. Think about what’s possible for you right now – as far as you can see yourself – if you could free yourself from everything that was holding you back.

That’s possible. 

I don’t say that because it sounds good. I’m telling you this because I’ve seen it time and time again and I’ve lived that myself. I want you to live that story too.

There are a lot of reasons why you may be struggling. Most everyone comes face to face with fundamental fears that hold them back from achieving their true potential.

Fear of abandonment – I’m going to be left all by myself to deal with all of these feelings and difficulties on my own.

Fear of engulfment – I’m not going to be able to handle everything that is asked of me and be able to take care of myself, my commitments, and my life.

Fear of non-being – I’m not good enough. I am going to completely disappear from this world having made absolutely no difference.

Truth is, there are a lot of incredibly positive skills, traits, and characteristics that you have that are ready to be put to some serious good use. But like I’ve said before, you have to be able to unravel yourself from your old story to truly be able to realize everything that is possible for you.

So here’s the good news

I’m not going to ask you to fix anything. In fact, coaching is the farthest thing from “fixing” things. No, you deserve more than that. Instead, we develop – grow, shift, expand, contract, take things on and let the negatives drift away.

Here’s the better news. 

I am going to teach you everything you need to know to transform your mind, your body, and your soul. That’s why I call these transformation programs.

Why should you trust me to help you take your life to the next level?

Let me tell you a little bit more about my own personal journey from going from a struggling man with low self esteem, a complete lack of inner vision and personal power, and being completely restricted by emotions that trapped me mentally and physically in a place I knew I didn’t belong.

I was on track to become a Professional athlete back in college, but then as life would have it my elbow fell to pieces and just like that the dream I had since I was 5 years old was over.

I was absolutely heartbroken, devastated, and furious that life had “ripped the rug out from underneath me.”

After a year of having completely lost my way and not knowing what to do, I started to write. I was a horrible writer in high school but something called me to put words down onto paper.

So I put the pen down onto the paper and began a blog called The Better Man Project that was about my daily journey to become a better person and the lessons I was learning along the way.

Originally it was intended to be a 30 day project, but as soon as I started I was absolutely hooked. I knew this project was going to be something that I would do for the rest of my life.

To be honest, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing back then, but I knew that something good was going to come out from diving into those “caves of the soul” where everything inside of me was hiding.

Turned out I was right.

As the pages flowed, I learned more and more about myself, starting voraciously consuming books, devoted my life to never stop learning, started to live a life of taking big risks, found my deepest purpose and passions, brought love into my life, published two books and built a community of over 100,000 people who were devoted to building their best life as well.

I never could have predicted that all of this was going to happen. But that’s the thing about journey’s isn’t it? It’s the path that’s the most exciting part, not the destination.

But I knew that my own experience with life wasn’t enough which is why I sought out professional guidance through a Integral Coaching (Mind, Body, Soul) Graduate Program in San Francisco to help me build the foundations and competencies necessary to put all of my knowledge to good use, aid in my own development as a coach and to teach me exactly what was needed to help people unlock their lives.

Now I coach people all around the world of all ages who have dreams and ambitions.

It’s been an absolutely incredible journey and I’m not going to stop here.

So I’m here to tell you again, whatever your dreams and goals are, they are possible. I’m here to help you live a lifestyle that’s dedicated to diving into your full potential. I am certain that together we can see your dreams become a reality.

Time to transform your life.

So here’s a question for you: Do you want to step into a brand new story to see what’s possible for you?

If you’ve made it this far, I’m sure you do.

Then it’s time to do what’s necessary in order to bring those possibilities into your life. More importantly, it’s time to stop living in the world of “quick fixes” and other programs that offer you a simple solution to all of your problems.

Stop living in that place. You’re better than thinking that will work.

You have exactly what it takes to live your dream.

This is about diving into your life – your relationships, your internal world, your body, your environment – finding out where the weeds are and yanking them out, finding out what you are truly capable of and stepping into that story with courage and doing the things you’ve never done to achieve the results you’ve always wanted for yourself.

Yup…that’s right.

No quick fixes. No New Years Resolutions. No old way of living. Just stepping into something brand new for yourself and finally seeing what’s possible for your life. 

It’s time to transform your life.

So how will coaching work for you?

Coaching is invaluable in helping you cultivate the type of life you’ve always wanted to live as it helps you fall into a way of living that is focused on developing all areas of your life. The practice is truly holistic and you are truly seen as a whole human being rather than something that needs a few bandaids and needs “fixing.” I don’t believe in that word here.

When you step into a coaching program, you can expect to be pushed, stretched, held accountable, supported, and liberated from your fears in order to help you step into the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

We dive into the following…

Dreams, Goals, & Visions

Internal World (Thoughts & Emotions)

Body (Behavior & Physical)


Environment (Technology & Natural)

What’s In This Program?

Intake Calls / Consultations

  • 1 Hr (Intake) Phone Call With Me

Life Coaching & Development Program

  • Weekly Skype / Phone / Face to Face (local only) coaching sessions over 3 to 6 months depending on the program
  • Tailor-made / personalized development plan
  • Specific goals and outcomes for your development
  • An in depth look at your current view of the world
  • An offer of a new view that will change your perspective and outlook on the world
  • Specific practices that will help you cultivate your outcomes
  • Self reflection, awareness, and observation exercises to keep you on plan
  • Resources (books, audio, speeches etc)

It’s time to live in a brand new way

That story that you’ve been living in for years and years? That doesn’t have to be the way you live. In fact, you can recreate your life at any time you would like. But you have to be willing to take the next step. You have to be willing to commit to bringing in new things for yourself.

Everyone I have worked with has made incredible transformations with their life and there will be many many more. I am prepared to guide you in the exact same way so you can enjoy a thriving life where you are out in the world making an impact instead of just surviving.

This is your opportunity. This is you chance to make a long-lasting change with your mind, your body, and your soul. 

It doesn’t matter what your dream is or your vision for yourself may be, I am here to help you change your game plan and make 2016 the best year of your life.

So take the next step. Step into exactly what you’ve always wanted for yourself.

What’s next?

Let’s book a free discovery call and see if we are a good fit for each other. I only take on a handful of clients because of how personalized each of the programs are.

Click here -> Book A Discovery Session or reach me through the contact form below to get in touch with me so we can schedule a free call and start down a path that will drastically alter your life for the better.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

– Evan Sanders, Founder AYKME Life Coaching

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