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5 years ago I sat down on my bed with my face in my hands wondering what the hell I was going to do with my life.

I had just lost my greatest love (baseball) due to injury, my life was an absolute mess, I was plagued by a low self-esteem that prevented me from believing I had any real potential, I lacked inner vision and was completely consumed by my past.

Truly, I was in a dark place.

I was definitely a complete mess.

In fact, I describe that time period of my life as an emotional tornado. Sounds great right?!

I pretty much destroyed everything in my path and most of the good relationships had.

Then, something clicked.

I was being called to write…

Back then, I didn’t know that starting to write my thoughts, feelings, and events going on in my life would yield a lifetime commitment to personal development, the launching of a life coaching practice, a community of over 100,000 people and thousands of blog posts. Back then, I was just trying to gasp for air and felt that writing would be the way to do that.

So long story short…

I wrote Two Wolves as a tribute to the greatest lessons I have learned over the past 5 years of writing.

Honestly though…it’s far more than that. It’s a deep dive into discovering how both light and dark can exist at the same time. The book seeks to explore questions of happiness, sadness, success, failure, and many other topics, including ones that most are too uncomfortable to talk about.

This story, a journey about becoming who you are and taking control of your path, has been an amazing one to write and reflect on. And with over 1,300 downloads…those who have read it have something to say about it as well…

“I could actually feel so many of the emotions in the book. It gave me the encouragement I need to finish the race!”

“The struggle between the dark and light is something every person has to deal with. Thank you for taking the time to write something that I believe will change my perspective of my life.”

“This book came out at the right time for me. One of the darkest times of life . Thank you for such an inspiring book.”

“Truly exceptional! I’ve been battling with my two wolves and this has been superbly inspiring. I know it will be a long journey, and currently my spokes are a bit broken, but as a new father, this certainly goes a long way in helping me become a better man.”

“Every dream could die off due to lost hope, but reading this was the most encouragement I had in a long time.”

“It is truly life-changing, paradigm shifting and life transforming book. Even if you hadn’t been following the project from the very beginning, you can still figure out what the writer is talking about.”

I hope you will join me on this journey through the pages of “Two Wolves” because I am sure there is something in there that will resonate with you, change your perspective, or just help you see a situation in a different light.

That’s how great change and transformation comes about. That’s how miracles happen.

Start your own journey today – check out the book now!

– Evan Sanders