To be yourself in a world that is trying to drag you into being everyone else is to undertake one of the greatest and most worthwhile fights there is. It was never my intention to grow this into what it has become. My intention is not to be famous. My intention was and will always be this…to give that one person who really needed to see that photo or caption a reason to keep on living…to keep on going. 1 like or a thousand…that will always remain true.

Don’t become a slave to other peoples thoughts or impressions of you. If you do that, you will lose yourself in a sea of anything but who you really are…and as soon as they get bored with you, you will fall on the sword that is their criticism. Be yourself. Do things because you love them and are wildly enthusiastic about them. Be you.

You can’t put the ocean in a box. She will shift and change, ebb and flow at will. But you have to leave her wild and free. You have to let her kiss the sand and retreat back into the depths. And there you sit on the shore witnessing it just as it should be, always knowing that the waves will crash once again flowing back to your bare toes digging into the sand. Wild. Free. 🌊

It takes nothing to brutalize someone – to make them feel like nothing…like a grain of sand. Insignificant. Worthless. But it takes everything to hold people in such a way that they feel the rarest thing in the world. Unconditional love. If you have that in your life, never let it go.

You know it’s real because it evokes something in you…makes you truly feel something and also scares you a bit. That’s a once in a lifetime type of love…and you may never see it again. That type of love…is giving someone the power to destroy you, and knowing in your heart that they won’t.

“Your eyes.” She said. “Your eyes…I’ve never seen anything like them. They burn with passion and yet are so cold and silver. What a delightfully perfect contradiction. I’m lost.”





I don’t want to ever leave not making a mark. Not soothing someone’s heart in ways that have never been touched before. Not leaving someone a little better off after I found them. Not adding fire to an area or space. Not branding my love in an irreplaceable manner.

Not leaving doors open to have things go…or surprise me when they come back. To not say words that were begging to come out. I decided long ago to fearlessly love people and life itself…and that has made all the difference.


Stop wishing for it. Whatever it may be…fight for it. Fight for the things that matter in your life. People. Lovers. Dreams. Health. If you don’t go into this willing to take on anything that comes your way to make it work…then you will never get it.

You have to be hungry. You have to be willing to put all bullshit aside and go to battle. It’s not going to be easy. But…I promise you, it’s worth it. 🔥


You can shake the world in so many gentle ways 🙏🏻🌊

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