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I’ve seen 3-6 month coaching programs change people’s lives.

I have so so much fun working with people over this period of time because honestly development takes time. But I wanted to make a blog for you today that gives you an idea of what’s going on in this plan, what do we do in our coach and client relationship, and how do we work together?

What’s involved in a coaching plan?

Well, when we get into a coaching relationship together, I start off with this…

I really want to hear about your dreams, goals, and visions for yourself…where you want to be…and where you are stuck at now? What you need now? What you’ve tried in the past and what’s not working for you.

This begins helping me get a look at your entire life – your relationships, what’s going on in your internal world, what’s going on in your environment, what’s going on with your body – and get to look at you as a whole person. This is not a type of coaching where I go, “Ok, we are just going to work on relationships and that’s it.” I don’t think compartmentalizing coaching like that really works. There are of course some examples that really do work but I think it’s a different type of coaching. I’m interested in looking at you as an entire human being and looking at how these different pieces work together versus just focusing on one aspect of your life.

Because if you focus on that one aspect you might get great results – that’s fantastic! – but you can’t forget that you have a body, that you have a soul, a heart, and everything else like that.

So this is taking a holistic view of you and I get to soak up everything about you as a coach and understand the story you are living in.

So what does the coaching part actually entail that actually comes in one of these coaching packages?

The first and most important thing that I want to tell you is that this plan that I create for you is tailor-made specifically for you. There is not another plan out there like it…it is just for you and it’s fully customized to your needs.

So how do I actually go about creating this plan?

First, we have an hour to an hour and a half long call where I ask about your relationships, your body, your entire world…and I get to get a sense of what is actually going on for you. What’s the main issue at hand? Is there some more running deeper than what is on the surface? I also get to have a sense of what your story is – how you are living in the world now – and how is that creating the results that you are getting.

Then I take a week thinking about all of this, mulling it over, soaking it in, and then get to come to you with a new story. A brand new story that could change your entire perspective on how you would look at the world. So that’s piece 1 – this new story.

Then there are outcomes for the coaching program. The outcomes are things that would be incredibly beneficial to see come from the coaching program. These outcomes are primarily what the entire coaching program is built upon.

So there’s the old story.

And there’s the new story.

The outcomes…

There’s a purpose for the entire program and then come the self-reflection, self-awareness, self observation exercises coupled with practices –  things that are going to help you cultivate these outcomes in your life.

Also, you have my full support throughout this entire program. So in the details arena, if it’s a 3 month program we meet every week for 3 months. If it’s a 6 month program we meet every week for 6 months.

Personally as a coach, I love meeting with people every single week because it keeps the momentum rolling and keeps the flow going. I think meeting once a week gives enough time in between sessions to really see some movement within your life and gives us the ability to start to see together what the challenges and victories are.

You also have my support via email throughout this entire thing through the weekdays just in case you come across any serious issues or roadblocks that you may need help with. You can send me questions, concerns, realizations, ideas, and anything else you can think of regarding the program and the path you are on.

So that’s a little bit about what the 3 & 6 month coaching programs are about in terms of specifics of what’s created in these custom development plans for you.

But before we go, I want to talk a little bit more freely about these coaching relationships and what happens between coach and client. The thing that continues to knock my socks off about these relationships is what happens when people really take on a new story for themselves. The thing I hear the most when people hear this story for the first time is ,”I didn’t think that I could see it that way?!”

I love hearing that.

My job as a coach is to see the blind spots of what you cannot see. The reference I usually make with this is – it’s really hard to see the picture when you’re in the frame. So even I work with coaches that help me see my own blind spots as a coach that allows me to continue to grow and develop so I can coach other people better and better. So as your coach, just know that I believe in coaching so much that I have my own coaches and that I am developing further capacities and skills to bring to the table to help you more and more.

But what continues to surprise me is how much clients change as they fall deeper and deeper into these coaching programs.

It’s amazing to see the realizations that people are having, these big moments of gratitude and victory…it’s just fun for me to be able to help you get “un-stuck” if you are trapped in something…and it’s also fun for me to help you begin to achieve your vision for yourself, or at least get on the path to that vision.

In all, I just wanted to drop this blog and tell you that this is a little bit about what I am doing with the clients I am working with right now and that I would love to work with you. If you are interested in something like this, let’s get on a free consultation call together and discover what the possibilities are. If you are unsure about coaching and want to learn more, the best way to understand coaching is actually to be coached by me!

If you are up for a life changing experience and ready to learn a little bit more about working with me, please email me at aykmecoaching@gmail.com or contact me through the contact tab on my website.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Time to live your dream.

– Evan Sanders

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